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Insurance Coverage Information

All Stony Brook University student-athletes are required to have individual primary insurance coverage. The Stony Brook University Department of Athletics provides an EXCESS (Secondary) Policy for its student-athletes for injuries that occur during participation in team sponsored activity. Therefore, all claims must first be filed with the student-athletes personal health insurance company. Only after all available benefits have been exhausted will the University's insurance carrier consider payment for any remaining balances. To ensure timely processing and payment of charges, it is essential that all policies and procedures are followed. Delay in payment can result in the student athlete and/or family being placed in collections. **Please submit all bills you may receive as soon as possible to the sports medicine department**


Athletic Accident Insurance Policy Information:

  • The policy only covers intercollegiate athletic injuries, which occur during participation in coach-supervised intercollegiate activities (i.e. practice, games, and travel).
  • The policy DOES NOT cover general illnesses or injuries sustained during personal time.
  • All off-campus Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy must have prior approval from the SBU Sports Medicine Staff before reimbursement is considered. The facility also must accept the student-athlete's primary insurance.
  • Dental injuries ARE NOT covered if the sport requires that a mouth guard be worn and the student-athlete was not wearing one properly at the time of the injury.


Procedures to Follow When an Injury Occurs: 

(If any of the following procedures are not followed, the SBU Department of Athletics will not be responsible for any charges incurred due to examination and/or treatment)

  • All athletic injuries must be reported to the sports medicine staff within one day of occurrence.
  • The sports medicine staff will coordinate all medical referrals - any fees/charges resulting from unauthorized referrals will be the responsibility of the student-athlete. 
  • All bills must first be submitted to the student-athlete's primary carrier, The SBU Athletics insurance information will be provided to the provider to submit to once primary insurance has been processed. 
  • **In the event the office does not/will not submit to secondary, it is athlete's responsibility to submit any outstanding itemized bills, Explanation of Benefits (EOB's), and/or letter of denial to your Athletic Trainer.
  • If seeking a second opinion, you must ensure that the provider accepts your insurance and is in-network prior to obtaining any services from them.


Important Reminders about Medical Coverage:

  • ALL International Student-athletes are REQUIRED to carry the SBU International Student Health Insurance Plan. 
  • All domestic students must complete an insurance waiver OR enroll in the SBU Domestic Student Health Insurance Plan. The waiver is done through your campus SOLAR account.
  • If you are not from the New York area, please check with your insurance provider to determine whether the student is available for benefits/coverage while at school. Some insurance plans may have an out of state option to enroll in.
  • Please check with your insurance provider to determine if any information is needed to show the dependent is a full time student for coverage to stay active.  Failure to do this may result in policy and coverage being cancelled or suspended.
  • If your primary insurance changes, please notify the sports medicine staff promptly to report the new insurance policy. 
  • If at any time there are questions regarding insurance coverage or bills please contact your Athletic Trainer.