#Seawolves Overseas: Slaughter's third and final installment

Evann Slaughter

July 20, 2014

Rising redshirt senior Evann Slaughter is in Europe representing Stony Brook and the United States in the Bring it Promotions Global Challenge, where she is playing for BIP-USA. In the third and final installment of her blog, she recaps her trip. Follow her journey on GoSeawolves.org, on Twitter at  @StonyBrookVB and @SBAthletics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/StonyBrookVolleyball.

Bonjourno! Evann here with another blog. If you haven't been keeping up with my vlogs, you should—you get to see pictures! Watch the videos above for days three and four, and while you're there, check out the first two videos!

Ok, back to the trip! Currently, I'm at the airport going back stateside. Considering this is my last blog, I've decided to sum up my trip and talk about it as a whole. As far as volleyball goes, we were the top team in the U.S. after the second day, which was awesome. However, we just couldn't get a second wind and we ended up in eighth place in the whole tourney and fourth out of U.S. teams. I don't know what happened. May we were all tired or something, but it wasn't the same as the last few days.

Other than not finishing where we wanted to, I had a great trip!! Europe is an amazing place and I recommend anyone with the money and resources to at least come for a couple days and sightsee. I've met so many great and unforgettable people, especially my teammates. Everyone was so down-to-earth and fun to be around. I'm really happy I was on BIP-USA. Every person was awesome on and off the court. I'll definitely keep in touch with the other girls.

About the places I've been:  Holy cow, what an experience! I know the main question I'm going to get asked when I come back is "which place was your favorite?" So, I'll answer that right now. I can’t tell you, haha. All the places I went are so different and beautiful in their own way. I can say; however, that the best thing (aside from the volleyball) was cliff jumping and swimming in underwater caves on the day we found out we were the No. 1 U.S. team. I have to admit, I can be an adrenaline junkie, so I'm usually super excited about thrilling things. However, that was by far the most nerve-racking thing I've done aside from paddleboarding. But once you jump the first time, you get addicted! I ended jumping over four times and half of those times I was doing it just for cool pictures and video. :) 

Swimming in the underwater caves was pretty cool too. I'm not the best swimmer, so I was nervous about swimming and treading water. However, the water was so salty that it was really easy to float. That was definitely the best experience on the trip. If you're interested more about my trip or have any questions, feel free to tweet them at me @evannlutionary. Other than that, I think that's it. Those were my final thoughts on the trip. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Would do it again the same way in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even change the part of the trip where I dropped my camera in Lake Bled. It adds character, haha. Ciao and see ya stateside!

-Evann Slaughter #10

PS! I still have vlogs of days five and on to upload so check my YouTube or the @StonyBrookVB and @SBAthletics Twitter pages for more vlogs in a couple days.

They get better ;). Ok really done. Ciao!

Edit (7/21): Vlogs from days five, six and seven of Slaughter's journey are below.