#Seawolves Overseas: Costello's second installment

Kaitlin Costello

July 17, 2014

Former Stony Brook volleyball player Kaitlin Costello ’14 is in Europe representing Stony Brook and the United States in the Bring it Promotions Global Challenge, where she is playing for BIP-USA. In her second installment, she recaps early tournament play and an amazing cliff-diving adventure. Follow her journey on GoSeawolves.org, on Twitter at  @StonyBrookVB and @SBAthletics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/StonyBrookVolleyball.

She will be hosting a Twitter Takeover of the @StonyBrookVB account Friday.

Wow, time is flying! I can't believe I only have three days left on this amazing adventure. 

Last time I checked in, we had just left for our trek to Pula, Croatia. It ended up being a six-hour bus ride as opposed to a four-hour bus ride, but it was totally worth it. The last hour of the ride had a view of the water that was absolutely was breathtaking.

We arrived in Pula and were told we have the rest of the night to ourselves besides dinner at the cafe. The first thing my team wanted to do is make the two-minute walk to the beach. We made our way down to the beach to see this beautiful blue green sea of water beneath us. I didn’t think anything could be prettier than Lake Blend, but I was wrong! This beach, which was just at the bottom of a hill from our hotel, has been my favorite site thus far.

The next day, we started the Global Challenge tournament. We had two matches. Our first was at 1 p.m. European time against Hungary, where we won 3-0. Our team chemistry was really starting to show.  The next match was at 7 p.m. We played Croatia this time and swept them as well. It felt so great to be able to get those wins.



We woke up and had breakfast as a team the following day before heading to the beach to enjoy the scenery and the sun. We had our third match of the tournament at 1 p.m. Although we lost to Russia, 2-1, we ended pool play at 7-2 and as the No. 1 American team in the tournament!!

We received a bye into the quarterfinals of the tournament, which meant that we got the rest of the day off as many other teams had to go back and play another match that night.  We had the amazing opportunity to go 30 minutes away to a place with water caves and cliff diving. Although I am deathly afraid of heights, I was one of the first girls on the team to jump the 35-foot cliff into the extremely clear, bluish-green water. This was such an exhilarating experience-- probably the best day of my life thus far. I then proceeded to jump two more times, taking one of the pictures to capture this once-in-a -lifetime adventure. We then swam into the caves, which were slightly scary but so incredible at the same time.

After we got back, we had dinner and scouted a match at 7 p.m. Yesterday, we went to the coliseum in the morning to explore and do some shopping for souvenirs and such. Later in the day, we had our quarterfinal match against the USA Midwest team. Unfortunately, we ended up losing three sets to one and had a quick turnaround to play the Russian Junior National Team once again. We ended up losing but will continue competition today against a Northern California team.  

After we played Russia, we rushed down to the beach to watch the sunset and relax before we went to bed. It still hasn't hit me that this whole experience is real! 

That's it for now! I hope you all are enjoying reading about our amazing adventures on and off the court.