#Seawolves Overseas: Slaughter's first installment

Evann Slaughter

July 11, 2014

Rising redshirt senior Evann Slaughter is in Europe representing Stony Brook and the United States in the Bring it Promotions Global Challenge, where she is playing for BIP-USA. In the first installment of her blog, she talks about an action-packed first day. Follow her journey on GoSeawolves.org, on Twitter at  @StonyBrookVB and @SBAthletics and on Facebook at Facebook.com/StonyBrookVolleyball.

She will be hosting a Twitter Takeover of the @StonyBrookVB account Monday.

You can watch her, fellow-Seawolf Kaitlin Costello and their BIP-USA teammates take on Russia Saturday at 12:05 p.m. for free here

Hi everyone, it’s Evann! I am finally in Europe and absolutely loving it! I am currently on my—I want to say third day here— but I just figured I would tell you about my traveling and first day.

Kaitlin and I flew out of JFK and – oh man – let me tell you, it was that a long day! First off, we didn’t have anyone to take us to the train to get to JFK at the time we wanted (11ish). Therefore, we had to wake up early and catch a ride to campus around 7 a.m. Now, I know you're thinking: “Wow 7 a.m. isn't that early.”  However, I had barely gotten any sleep the previous night. There were two reasons for that. The first was because I was so excited. The second was that I waited until the last minute to pack :) So, we basically had to sit around on campus for our train to come, which it did at 11:45.

The train ride was pretty easy. No troubles there. Arriving at the airport and everything wasn't bad either. I mean the security line was really long, but it's JFK, what do you expect? Our first flight was at 5:05 p.m. to Madrid. It was about a seven-hour flight, and we arrived in Madrid at 6:20 a.m. That was by far the longest flight I have ever been on, but at least they gave us dinner and breakfast!

Everything on the plane was in Spanish, and everyone spoke the language. The captain had to say everything in both Spanish and English, which I thought must be pretty irritating for him to keep repeating his self in two different languages. 

When we got to Madrid, we had about an hour and some change of a layover, after going through customs and security. In Madrid, we met another person coming on the tour – our athletic trainer for the time being, Jared. He's a pretty cool guy, so we all hung out and stuff until it was time for our flight. Our connecting flight to Venice was much shorter, a little over two hours. I slept the ENTIRE way there because I was so exhausted. After that flight, we met our driver and three other girls on our team. Then, we headed to Slovenia, which was about a four-hour drive. Halfway through, we stopped at a really nice town called Ljubljana. Yeah, doesn't look like anything you want to pronounce, right? Contrary to what you may think, the name of this town is pronounced Loo-blee-on-ah. Yeah, weird. I know.

We spent a couple hours there sightseeing, eating and just hanging out. The weather was so nice....until about five minutes before we had to walk back to the van (which was kind of a hike) and it started POURING! We just had to suck it up and walk back because no one was prepared for the rain. Once we got back to the van, soaking wet and all, we continued into Slovenia until we reached our destination, Maribor. 

The weather was not too great but I mean, I'm in a different country. I can't complain too much! But after a long day of traveling, I felt tired and wanted to take a shower. We got to our room, which is really an apartment, and started to relax. I decided to take a shower. Halfway through my shower, Kaitlin starts banging on the door. I screamed, “What?!” She says were in the wrong hotel. Perfect. I sprinted out the shower throw some clothes on and rush downstairs and out the door to you guessed it, a downpour. I hopped in the van and got to the other hotel, which is literally one minute up a hill from what we were first at. We finally get in our real rooms and get to relax.

You think my day is over. Oh, how sadly you are mistaken. After allllll that traveling, I had a two-hour practice with the team. Wooo! Practice wasn't too shabby, but the balls here are so different and definitely something you have to adjust to. After our practice, we finally had dinner, and I crashed as soon as I got to my bed. What a full day of traveling sightseeing and volleyballing I've had on only the first day here! I wonder what will be in store for the rest of the trip...?

Stay tuned to find out. I will also be vlogging on my trip as well so stay tuned to goseawolves.org or just go to my personal YouTube page. Hope you can stick around and watch a few!