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The name of our first practice.

If that isn't intimidating enough, the secrecy surrounding the activities of the day only helps prolong the suspense.

Every year, D-Day pushes returning players and newbies alike to prove their mental and physical toughness through a "challenge." We all know it's really just a test to see if any of us left the beach to work out over the summer, but it's also the first time we all come together as a team.

Not really knowing your new teammates and stressing over what twisted workouts the trainers have conjured up makes us sick to think about. This year, however, with so many new faces, we decided to spice up the event by tie-dying shirts as a form of solidarity for that fateful Saturday morning.

The theme of this year's D-Day consisted of taking "recruits" and their "parents" on a tour of campus. What that really meant was carrying these lazy (and frankly overweight) 50-pound medicine balls (recruits) to various telephone poles (parents).

We thought a nice bus tour around the loop would have sufficed, but where's the fun in that??

It was trying, but at least we looked good doing it...despite being drenched in sweat! We're sure that's what people were staring at; obviously they wish they had the matching cut-offs...

The team on D-Day

The team on D-Day

Fall Season

Ten new girls, ten returners and eight games.

Five wins, two losses and one tie.

Two new assistant coaches, one Coach of the Year and one goal in mind.

The fall season proved to be a good indicator of where our strengths and weaknesses lie as a team. Everyone had their opportunities to flash some leather and "drive it like they stole it" at the plate (as Olivia Mintun would say).

Sure, the multiple extra-inning games kept us on our toes, but now is the time to put in the additional work so we can be ready for the season opener.

Ability is not our issue. Just as our bats came alive in a win over Adelphi, runs will not be hard to come by in the spring. We will have a different look this year and will provide plenty of excitement with more balls finding green.

Scavenger Hunt

In honor of Christopher Columbus, himself, our team embarked on an expedition: a three-mile circumnavigation of campus. We divided into two teams, armed with our running shoes, two cameras and without the aid of a luxury ship. Our chartered objective was to document as many of the following things along our run: someone planking on an SBU sign, getting an object from a stranger, taking a photo with another athlete, building a team pyramid, dancing at a bus stop, army-crawling the dreaded hill, and directing traffic for the team to cross a street.

Despite both teams finishing in near-record time, there was some dispute as to which team actually finished first (much like today's controversy surrounding Columbus' discovery of the New World).

Nonetheless, the journey, and the pictures along the way, proved to be an adventure that brought the team closer together.


The idea of getting more athletes out to support each other at games is something the softball team whole-heartedly supports. As a sidenote, we would love to see a few more friendly faces in the stands come spring, so anything that will fill those seats is greatly appreciated...

The first event we attended was the 'white-out' men's soccer game against conference-rival Boston University. Marketing the game was a huge success: there were going to be white t-shirts given out to fans, and even though we arrived 45 minutes early, they were out of shirts before we got there!

There were so many students and other athletes there we could hardly believe it! There was even a Mia Hamm sighting...crazy, right?

Coach Hawley

Mia Hamm? Or Coach Hawley?