In The Spotlight: Sarah Greenberg

Women's Soccer-Freshman-Franklin Lakes, N.J.-Indian Hills HS

For freshman midfielder Sarah Greenberg, the main objective once she steps on the field isn't the same as many other soccer players. Greenberg isn't looking to wow the crowd with an ostentatious goal. She isn't looking to be the heroine with a gamewinner.

Instead, Greenberg hopes to pass to her teammates, in hopes that they will play the role of superstar.

"I've never been a scorer," Greenberg says. "I don't think I'm that good at shooting, so I'd just rather pass."

That mentality seems to be working well so far in Greenberg's young career. She has tallied seven assists and two goals this season for the 7-9-1 Seawolves. Her assists have led to three gamewinners, and against Hofstra she registered two feeds.

The New Jersey native says it was difficult getting used to playing with 17 new teammates, as opposed to the group she had been playing with for years on her club team.

Not only that, Greenberg says "getting thrown into new situations" was something else that required some adjustment.

"I didn't think I would be getting so much playing time," she says. "I just wanted to contribute and have an impact."

Rather than a gradual introduction to the Division I college game, Greenberg has been relied on from Day One as a starter. Because of a mass amount of injuries to more experienced players, Greenberg has had to learn fast.

"It's a little rough," she says. "You can't have a sub even if you want one. We had a lot of holes to fill and people were playing positions they had never played and weren't as comfortable with."

Greenberg says the team took a serious hit when the injuries started to pile up. "It affected us mentally when our captain and one of our best defenders Lisa Mariano got hurt," she says. "Then Sarah Hanover and Kristin Baker were out. When you have injury after injury, it just brings you down."

Greenberg is used to playing in situations away from the norm. When she started playing at age five, she was the only girl on her older brother's teams. Soccer was a family affair with father David Greenberg as the coach, and the family still comes to see Sarah play. Despite the ups and downs of her first season, Greenberg sees only positive things in the future for Stony Brook women's soccer.

"The coaches are recruiting a lot of high-caliber players and we lose only one senior this year," she says. "With the new players added to this team, we should just go forward and not have to worry about taking a step back."

However, the season isn't over yet.

"If we keep playing with the intensity we've had lately, we should have a good run," she says of the remaining games. "Even if we don't win, we'll put on a good game and show what our team can do in the future."

Greenberg, who says her inspiration is the players around her, says her only goal is to work for her teammates. With her unselfishness and desire to help her team win, Greenberg will be the reason for many more victories before her career as a Seawolf is over.