Women's Soccer Exploring Worms, Germany

Aug. 23, 2001

Worms, Germany - Another beautiful day here in Germany. The team has just finished practice, ate lunch and is now out on the streets of Worms doing some shopping for their friends and family. This afternoon the players have had the choice to catch a nap or do some shopping.

For those who chose shopping, it is very convenient to do that here. The town is only a two-minute walk from the hostel and has many unique shops and gifts. Of course, many of us have had our eyes on the hummels. Moms love hummels and today Kerri McCabe and myself broke down and purchased one of the German treasures for our mothers. There are some serious shoppers over here including Coach Ryan's mom who is looking to set a record for the most shopping done in a 10-day period.

We will practice again this afternoon at 3:30 pm which is now just two hours away. Tonight, there will be a team dinner in town followed by some more down time.

With only two days remaining, I have begun to reflect on how special a trip this has been. Things couldn't have gone any better and we owe plenty of thanks to those who made it possible -including our president, the Dean and the Athletic Director. Special thanks go out to Rick Cole and his staff, Matt Larsen, Bill Regan, Bill Kuzmack, and all those who helped us get here.

And of course, a special thanks to all of the friends and parents of the Seawolves who have followed us over the course of our adventure. It is you, most of all, who have made this all possible and I know that all of us here together know that.

I hope to check in later before bedtime with the rest of our day. Tomorrow will be a busy day with a morning practice, afternoon excursion to Heidelberg and a game in the evening.

Stay tuned, there is still more to come . . .

rob emmerich, jr.