Coach's Corner - A Letter From Coach Priore

Nov. 4, 2008

Stony Brook, N.Y. - After a hard-fought game like the one last Saturday, it is difficult to adequately capture the emotions of what it is like to come up one point short of victory. Two quality teams took the field, battled hard and unfortunately we wound up on the wrong end of the scoreboard. That being said, I am extremely pleased with the development of our program as well as the focus of our players and staff. After laying out some great challenges to them when we were struggling, they have responded with an incredible effort that has seen us put together a month of good football.

I look at this game from two different perspectives. First, from the strictly analytical point of view that relies heavily upon statistics to draw certain conclusions. If we just look at the stat sheet, it would tell us that we did what we needed to do to win - we ran the ball for over 300 yards and controlled the time of possession. However, those statistics do not reflect what proved to be some missed opportunities to seize total control of the game.

While the analytical perspective is one way to look at a game, the point of view from position as head coach is quite different. As a head coach, you come to realize that success or failure is often clearly defined during certain moments in a game. Two core components that coaches look for in particular are: 1) capitalizing on opportunities when they present themselves and 2) taking advantage of momentum.

In the first half, we didn't capitalize on all of our opportunities to score. We left five points on the table due to a penalty (touchdown was called back and we had to settle for a field goal) and a missed extra point following a great touchdown drive. We also had the chance to build upon our growing momentum when we scored late in the half to grab a 26-14 lead. However, Gardner-Webb came right back down the field in 40 seconds to cut the lead to 26-21 in the final minute to stall our momentum and give the opponent some momentum and life. As a result, we were unable to put our opponent away early which gave them the opportunity to rally in the fourth quarter to edge us at end of the game.



We now look to our final road game of the year at Iona College on Saturday. I am proud to say that we are playing our best football now and it is our goal to finish out the season strong. If you can't make it to the game on Saturday, please listen on the radio at WUSB 90.1 FM or on the web at

Thanks again for all of your support. As always,, Wear RED and Go Seawolves!

Chuck Priore
Head Coach