2010 Coach's Corner #9 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Oct. 28, 2010

Stony Brook, N.Y. - I'd like to start this letter off by clarifying last week's letter, because I've been asked what that really meant. As head football coach, I was not pleased with our overall performance in all aspects of what we need to do to be successful. It's that simple. To be successful, you have to pay attention to all details and all things involved as a part of the team, whether that's coaches, players, trainers and staff.

Success is having a number of people pointed with their oars in the water in the right direction. I think anybody who had the opportunity to view, listen or be part of this past week's game will understand what I was talking about. The excitement about success; the fear of failure was not there. The work ethic prior and during was what it needs to be to represent anyone, but most importantly, yourself.

In my five years at Stony Brook, that was the most complete half of football we've played, when you talk about pre-game preparation and getting off the field after first half. Certainly the emotion and focus we played with is hard to match over the course of the game. It's one of those games you hope halftime never happens.

At one point I looked at the scoreboard and it was 24-0 and there was still a ton of time to go in the second quarter. But I knew Coastal Carolina would play hard throughout, and that we needed to keep the momentum up. And I think we did. I think we separated ourselves from them and tried to make them do things they didn't want to do. As a result, we played better offensively in the second half with fewer points.

I'm excited about how our younger kids performed emotionally throughout the game. They showed a lot of maturity going forward.

There is one performance I need to mention and I normally don't single out anyone, positively or negatively, but Miguel Maysonet's game was one of those classic ones. Not because of the total yards and touchdowns, but because there were three different times that epitomized work ethic and the desire to have success. His ability to break tackles and spin away and maintain his balance really aided our productivity. I applaud him and his effort. But this also was done with good blocking and precise thinking.



As we move forward, we host Charleston Southern, and our rivalry has come down to the fourth quarter. I anticipate this staying the same. This will be a hard-fought game. We need to maintain focus with a team that is complete with an electric kick returner in Gerald Stevenson. They're excited about coming up here and playing us and trying to get their first league win.

I hope to see our fans at LaValle Stadium, wearing red and showing their support.

Go Seawolves
Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach