Priore's weekly Big South football teleconference

Chuck Priore

Oct. 25, 2012


Stony Brook, N.Y. -

In this week's Big South football teleconference, Stony Brook coach Chuck Priore talks about what worked against Gardner-Webb, and looks ahead to the challenges of playing a team with a lot of team speed in Presbyterian.

Gardner-Webb recap ...

  • "Going into the game, I was very concerned with their physicality and their skill on offense. I think Coach Dickerson has done a great job in recruiting, and he has a good plan of attack on offense and defense. They were very difficult to run the ball against. They utilized both of their running backs and their tight ends effectively. We were fortunate enough to take advantage of some opportunities and played a full four-quarter game. Gardner-Webb is definitely in a position to be successful going forward."

Looking ahead to Presbyterian ...

  • "In evaluating the film, Presbyterian is playing a lot of young kids on both sides of the ball, and those guys are showing improved ability as the season rolls on. They are coached very well. Coach Nichols and his team have always presented us with some challenges schematically. They've played us real well despite what the scores have been. I'm anticipating a very hard game. It's always a challenge to be on the road. They have a lot of team speed on offense. We need to be able to do what we do successfully."