2010 Coach's Corner #8 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Oct. 22, 2010

Stony Brook, N.Y. - I would just like to start off this week's Coach's Corner in a little different fashion than we're accustomed to. As my focus has been here for five years and will remain my focus, when you allow your tangible goals to not be reality, sometimes you put yourself in situations that we faced last Saturday. For the casual fan, winning is everything. For the football coach and athletic administration and our football team, winning is a component if done correctly.

As witnessed last week, from the game perspective, our kids tried hard and played hard. The reality is I'm not so sure we played with the correct focus, correct goals, or stood by the principles set forth by our athletic department as well as this football team and myself. Those principles are to play with passion, play with a strong desire to be successful and play with class. In 29 years of coaching football, an official has never lost a game and will never lose a game as long as I'm at Stony Brook. They are part of a game as an interception or a fumble or a missed assignment is.

Good football teams will adjust to the adversity during a game. Unfortunately this team, at this point in time, has not dealt with the adversity of playing on the road or competing at its highest level in a four-quarter game. As head coach, I take full responsibility for this. But I also have total confidence that this ship will be righted by myself and this team. These are good kids who work very hard and want success. Sometimes the people that guide them have to lead them and we're going to find the right mechanism to do that. We will make sure the actions on Saturday never again occur on the football field.

This team 48 hours later has learned a great deal about itself and will move correctly for the remaining five weeks. We're completely re-focused in our goals and are only thinking about this week's game on October 23. I have full confidence we'll be prepared not only from and X's and O's standpoint, but from a commitment to excellence in everything we do on the field and off the field.



Coastal Carolina prevents a tough challenge. They're a quality football program. They're tremendously athletic, well-coached and hungry for wins like we are. They're fighting for the ultimate in our league, which is an NCAA playoff bid. Over the last two years, we've had some great games with them. I see the games staying the same way as long as we can get our experienced players and leaders to play the way they're capable of playing.

From our perspective, injuries, penalties and missed assignments are not acceptable, but understood that they're going to happen so we're got to fight through those things going forward.

Our practice week has been simple statement, which is what we will standby the rest of the year: Respect. Respecting the game that we're allowed to play, and the opportunity that Stony Brook and our families and our alumni have given us. And we will go on the field and represent on the field correctly. You have my word on that.

On a different note, I want to take this opportunity to thank Glenn Dubin '78 for his generous donation on a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility. The impact this will have on our football team now and going forward is immeasurable. As a football program, we are very thankful for his commitment to making Stony Brook the best athletic program it can be.

Wear Red and Go Seawolves!
Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach