2012 Coach's Corner #8 - A Letter from the Desk of Coach Priore

Chuck Priore

Oct. 19, 2012

Stony Brook, N.Y. - Last Saturday's victory, in my association with this football program, was one of those wins you really look back on and remark how far this team has come. Winning a game by a close score is not what I'm talking about. When you're trying to build an organization or a team, you have certain factors which will try to pull you apart. Last week's game was one of those, and I'm proud of this team for reacting the right way.

We've accomplished a major goal by making this program one that is fundamentally sound. This team understands exactly what it takes to win.

In terms of the actual game, it played out just as I anticipated it would. It was a hard fought game. Coastal was an incredibly talented team. We held them under their average, but more importantly, held them to seven points in the second half.

We made three huge defensive plays late in the game when it was on the line.

I was really excited about the balance this team showed. We were efficient in the pass game and ran the ball effectively like we needed to do.

If you look at the stats, we had nine possessions, not including the two late ones in the fourth quarter. What I took out of that was we had the opportunity to score on six of those, which showed me this team has learned how to be successful.

It was a job well done certainly by a few individuals, but nonetheless, a great team victory.

Gardner-Webb is similar to Coastal Carolina in that they have been competitive despite what their record has shown. They're one of the more stout defensive teams in our conference. They have the ability to stop the run so we'll be challenged on offense.

They're utilize the play-action pass and run game just like we do.

Our defense will be excited to play more of a traditional offense than ones we've faced over the first seven weeks.

I'm confident our special teams will get back to the level it needs to be.

We're excited to be playing at home again and look forward to seeing our fans in red.



Get Your RED On, It's What WE Do!

Go Seawolves
Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach