Coach's Corner - A Letter From Coach Priore

Oct. 15, 2008

Stony Brook, N.Y. - I would like to begin by apologizing to our loyal fans for the delay in providing you with the latest news and notes on our football program. As you can imagine, we have experienced an extremely difficult last few weeks and as a result, I have devoted all of my attention to getting us back on a winning track. That being said, I can assure you that the weekly newsletter schedule will continue throughout the remainder of the season.

When results are not meeting expectations, it is vital for me as the head coach to evaluate every aspect of our program in order to figure out how we can improve. In doing so, I have come to a very interesting conclusion. In short, there isn't any one singular thing that has led to our inconsistent play or the inability for us to gain confidence as the game moves along. Unfortunately, we have faced constant lineup changes which has adversely affected our practice competition, organization and tempo and basically has functionally not allowed us to be the team we thought we would be.

Although we have not achieved some of our goals to date, there are plenty of positives that come from dealing with adversity. We have asked many of our players to take on the challenges of playing a new position or introduced them to roles that they have not necessary been prepared for - and they have handled that beautifully. Our coaching staff has adjusted game plans to account for some of those changes and simply put, everyone has worked hard to make it a success. It is a credit to our players and coaches that have remain disciplined and dedicated in all aspects of our program.

Whether you saw us play Hofstra or Liberty in person or listened to the games on the radio, both of those games told the same story. As we looked at the game film, we saw good effort from a well-prepared team that is focused and excited about he opportunity to compete as college athletes. However, we haven't created our own breaks and taken advantage of our chances for success.



As we approach Saturday, we are delighted to welcome our fans back to LaValle Stadium for what should be an exciting homecoming weekend. Our job this week is make the team understand that we need to concentrate on the next play in practice to get us ready for the next play in Saturday's game. We will not focus on what hasn't gone well to this point but instead we will move forward keeping two key words in mind - faith and belief. A good week of preparation combined with playing before our great fans will provide a terrific backdrop for a great game on Saturday.

I would like to remind everyone that the homecoming festivities will get started on Saturday with the pre-game tailgate at noon in the Wolfstock Village just outside the stadium. Be sure to stop by the Athletics Alumni Reunion tent and enjoy some food and drink prior to kick-off. To register for Saturday's event, please visit the University website at

See you Saturday. Remember WEAR RED and Go Seawolves

Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach