2009 Coach's Corner #7 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Oct. 14, 2009

Stony Brook, N.Y. - Saturday's game was a tough loss for us to swallow as a football program. Certainly with the adversity of traveling to a distant destination such as North Dakota and not knowing our opponent, we still felt that it would be a very competitive game. When the game was over and we look back, I certainly believe that as a football team and as a coaching staff that we squandered a great opportunity for a victory.

It was nothing specific, our kids played very hard, very physical and with great intensity. We just created some opportunities for them during the game that did not allow us to be successful and wound up giving them points on three occasions. Those are physical mistakes that are part of the game. You don't want them to happen, but they are going to happen. We cannot be successful when we don't win the turnover battle, and we lost it last week with three turnovers that either gave them a score or led to scores; while not creating any for ourselves.

We also had some very costly penalties during the game that were critical factors with field position, offensive possessions and scoring opportunities. All that being said, statistically, we performed well as a football team. But statistics don't win football games, points on the scoreboard do. We are going to regroup and understand that the North Dakota game is in the history books. We are not pleased with the outcome, but we will deal with the result correctly.

As we forge forward and begin the core portion of our demanding Big South Conference schedule, we are going to be faced with a difficult opponent this week in VMI. We are on a "short week" of preparation as we are leaving on Thursday for the long journey to Lexington, Va. The Keydets run an offense that we have not faced this year, a wishbone. For those that closely follow college football, the Naval Academy utilizes that type of scheme. VMI is well coached and have the pre-season conference offensive player of the year in Tim Maypray, who is a dangerous and talented athlete. VMI has played a schedule with solid opponents, so its record is a little deceiving. They have been close in their games, been successful scoring points against very good opponents and have shut down some teams. They are going to be excited to play a conference game; our game at LaValle Stadium last year was very competitive and I am expecting the same this year.



As for our guys, we came prepared to practice on Sunday and really went after it for the past few days. The team is in a great mind-set to be successful this week and go down to Virginia and win one on Saturday. We continue to fight the injury bug, but there are no excuses, we expect to win every time we step on the field. We look forward to seeing our fans in Virginia this week and we thank you for your support of the Seawolves.

As a reminder, our next home game is Saturday, October 24. The University will be introducing a new tradition at LaValle Stadium--our first ever "Communiversity Day," which will become an annual fall community relations celebration as we continue to build relationships and fellowship with the Stony Brook community. This year the event will feature the 100th anniversary of the Stony Brook and Setauket Fire Departments, with an antique vehicle and apparatus competition. In addition, the University is hosting SBU commuter student day and SBU parent and family weekend, featuring a moon bounce, giveaways and much more. Lastly, our new University President, Sam Stanley, will be honored at half time in recognition of his Inauguration to SBU.

I thank you and look forward to seeing you at the game. Remember to get "Your RED On," and Go, Seawolves!

Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach