2009 Coach's Corner #6 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Oct. 7, 2009

Stony Brook, N.Y. -

First I would like to offer my congratulations and thanks to everyone in the Seawolves family for a great homecoming day. The amount of work done by University and athletic staff to put on such a great event was immense. Susan Abbott from our staff and Diana Hannan from the Advancement staff deserve much of the credit. So, thank you one and all. The result on the scoreboard was great, as were all the festivities that made up the day. Getting a chance to see and speak with alumni both before and after the game added to a wonderful day for our program and university.

I would like to say that the game went as expected. I thought coming into the game that if we played well and were able to execute our game plan the results would be positive. We were concerned about the health of our running backs, but both were able to play at about 80 percent and were able to have success. You could certainly see their impact on the game right from the first play.

We had some much needed big plays on offense that will help our confidence level. When you "nickel and dime" teams and move the chains but are still unable to create the field position changes you need or do not get the long runs or long pass plays it is tough to be a good offensive team. You need those BIG plays that score points; one-play drives, two-play drives, and we were able to convert those on Saturday. Our offensive line, receivers and quarterback are all improving week-to-week.

Defensively, most opposing teams can tailor their game-plans to take advantage of your weaknesses on the first series or two. Initially, Presbyterian did a good job scheming us and they had success. However, once we had a feel for where they were going, we were pretty much in control of the game defensively. I have never been involved in a game where a team had seven straight turnovers the way they did. I think that is attributable to our work ethic where we were running to the football and playing hard and fast, all things that can create those opportunities for your team.



I was disappointed in our penalties; they took away well over 100 yards of offense from us and could have, in a couple of situations, been counterproductive to the outcome of the game. Some of those things you can't coach, you have to have a better focus and stay away from that late block you think will be effective or the excitement of a big play; those things can create negative plays. Negative plays will not help us to be a successful team. We have the ability to be a good football team and to be an above average football team, BUT we have to do the little things better.

We are very excited to get that first Big South win, but now it is time for us to move forward and prepare for our final non-league game of the season at the University of North Dakota. We would like to see as many Stony Brook fans as we can out there for some indoor football as the game is played in a dome - click here for a look - http://www.fightingsioux.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&&DB_OEM_ID=13500&ATCLID=736149.

As always, our staff and team members will work very hard to prepare for a win this week and hopefully come back home with a well earned victory. Thank you for your support.

As always, wear RED and Go Seawolves!

Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach