2011 Coach's Corner #4 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Chuck Priore

Sept. 22, 2011

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Stony Brook, N.Y. -

Saturday's loss was a very difficult one to swallow for this football team. I thought we had an excellent week of practice and came out prepared to win the game. If you look at the first quarter stats, we dominated time of possession, first downs and yards gained, which was consistent throughout the game. As head football coach, it's my job to fix problems that we see as troublesome.

We gave them two touchdowns - one on a broken play and one off a turnover. Their offense was unable to run the football, but we knew their quarterback would be able to throw the ball; that's how they make their living. I thought we controlled all situations, it was just those two plays that resulted in 14 points.

On the flip side, we ran the ball extremely well and controlled the clock. Our opportunities to convert on big plays came up a bit short. We were close, but didn't capitalize like they did. We played hard, but unfortunately we committed some key penalties. When I looked at the film, the penalties were the right calls, and they were the result of effort and determination by our players. I'm not going to overcoach great effort. Great effort will win us more games than lose them.

As we move forward toward Lafayette, the game of life and sport provides us the privilege of being out there, and being able to compete the following week. There has to be a winner and loser in anything, but more importantly, the page has been turned.

We look forward to seeing a great crowd once again at LaValle Stadium. I turned around a few times to look at the crowd and was sincerely impressed. This week is our Homecoming game, and it's always great to see our alumni come back and feel part of the Stony Brook football program.

Wear Red and Go Seawolves, it's what WE do!

Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach