2009 Coach's Corner #1 - A Letter From The Desk Of Coach Priore

Sept. 4, 2009

Stony Brook, N.Y. -

I hope that everyone's summer has gone well. We are very excited about the 2009 football season here at Stony Brook. We have been hard at work on the field since August 10 and have had what I would call an above average preseason camp, with only minor injuries and no one out for any significant length of time. We have also increased the learning curve for our players this season and have installed the playbooks for all aspects of our game at a high level, which is what we need to do to be successful against the challenging schedule we are going to play in 2009.

This team has great leadership and a high level of work energy on the field. Our three senior captains, Tyler Santucci (New Kensington, Pa.), Josh Auerbach (Langhorne, Pa.) and Conte Cuttino (Uniondale, N.Y.) have been great role models and representatives of our university on and off the field. More importantly this program has 24 seniors, young men that have been in our program for a number of years and understand our team culture, expectations and goals.

Coming out of preseason our major goals are always the same; get our players prepared for a season, not just one game. We have to make sure that we build our depth on each side of the ball, work on fundamentals and put things together to have success for the long term.

Saturday's game against Hofstra is an important one for Stony Brook University and our football program. While that game is an important one, we also realize that we have an 11-game, competitive schedule ahead that has seven road games and four home games. So we have to prepare for the big picture. But this week Hofstra is certainly our focus. As we go into the Hofstra game one thing that is very apparent is for us to have the ability to understand how to compete at the level that Hofstra has during their time at the I-AA (FCS) level. In my three years here we have had two very competitive games with them and the one last year that you just want to put in the files and not open again.



This team's success will depend on our ability to play defense, our ability to control field position with special teams and our ability to make big plays on offense outside of the running game. We are not going to be able to line up and pound people with our running backs, the teams we are playing are too good for that. We are going to have to spread the field out and put the ball in the air with our quarterbacks and receivers as well as put our running backs in position to run the ball with less defenders in the run area.

I am excited about the 2009 campaign and as long as we perform to our ability and get a little luck on our side we will have success. I'm looking forward to the kick-off against Hofstra on Saturday and I hope to see everyone there and rooting for the Seawolves and wearing your RED!

As always, wear red and Go Seawolves!

Chuck Priore
Head Football Coach