Stony Brook Game 2 Super Regional Quotes

June 9, 2012

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Stony Brook head coach Matt Senk
Opening Statement
I cannot be more proud of these two young men [Courtney and Johnson] and the rest of my team for their performance today. Tyler [Johnson] just keeps outdoing himself every time he gets the ball. Kevin [Courtney] is kind of the offensive version of Tyler. He keeps doing som amazing things for us offensively coming up big. These guys basically epitomize our team. The two young me you see here and the performances they had is what Stony Brook baseball is all about. We are very tough-minded group, a gutsy group. They love playing the game, they love playing together and they just keep on playing to keep on playing. I can't be more proud.

On Tyler Johnson's performance
It was a concern when I asked Tyler to pitch last Monday. I am very conference about all my young men and doing anything that might in some way injure them. The type of pitcher Tyler is I felt he could handle that. We monitor him closely and he did a great job Monday. I was concerned about him going out there today. I didn't know what the residual effect might be from last weekend. In the third inning, knowing he has had a little bit of a problem of fatigue more in his legs than anywhere else, I was concerned that this was going to be something that might keep him from throwing for us. That is quite a bullpen we have out there for us. Just as he did on Monday in Miami, it's like he got an adrenaline surge. From the fourth inning on Monday, he threw tremendous. From the third inning on today, you all saw what he did, unbelievable.

On Stony Brook's mindset [after loss in game one]
They were disappointed for a few minutes and then I just had to quickly remind them of a weekend ago. Then they knew that we had been there and done that. They were good to go. It was back to business as usual. Whether it was coming back a weekend ago or finding a way to split these two games in tight games is really a testament these young men. I don't have a speech planned for tonight. As I do just about every night, I will be thinking about if I can find one more thing to say. As I tell them 'when you don't even know I am in the dugout, when you don't hear a word out of me, then you have got it.' Right now, in a lot of ways, they have got it. This is what we try to get to and I will continue to be there to manage them. As far as pep talks and things like that, they are doing that for each other. I just want to be there with them to help them in any way that I can.



Stony Brook Player Quotes
Sophomore first baseman Kevin Courtney
On hitting performance so far though two games ...
I'm just trying to go up there and hit good pitches. I knew coming in that [Kevin Gausman] was going to be throwing up in the nineties and mid-nineties. Just trying to put the bat on the ball and have a good approach up there and just hit what comes at me.

On thoughts on the environment of Alex Box Stadium and team's approach going into tomorrow's game
Coming in here, we knew Alex Box was going to be rocking the whole time. It's lived up to the hype that we've heard about and it's just an awesome experience. We, as a team, just like playing baseball, and whatever we have to play in front of is what we're going to do.

On facing Kevin Gausman twice ...
Going in, we knew we were going face him in the second game. So coming out there, we were going to try to do out best to get his pitch count up in the first game, and obviously that didn't happen. But coming out in the second game, we knew we had three quality at-bat against him in the first inning [at the end of game one]. With the warmups up between games, we knew we had a good shot at him and we had total confidence in ourselves.

Senior right-hander Tyler Johnson
On his performance
At this point of the year, you're doing it for the guy next to you. I always said that in the Regional when I pitched in two games in about three days. But it's been a pleasure playing with these guys and it's been a pleasure going out there every week and pitching for them. So going nine innings and doing what I did today is more, I think, for the guys next to you.

On when Coach Senk came out to visit him at the mound in the third inning
It's just a bit of a fatigue issue in the third inning there. My legs were a little tired but that's not the issue. I told Coach [Senk] that I wanted to stay in the gae and I wanted to pitch and give my team a chance to win. So it was just a minor thing - nothing to worry about.

On if he was more pumped to pitch today, knowing he was facing a high draft choice in Kevin Gausman
I guess I could say I was a little more juiced to pitch against the fourth overall draft choice. As a starting pitcher, you pitch against more of the hitters than the other guy on the mound. But I like to go out there face-to-face against my opponent, no matter who I'm going up against each week. I just try to throw my best pitches and work on both sides of the plate. With Gausman pitching, it's definitely a tough game for the whole team, but I just try to do the same thing I do every week.