Alma Mater & Fight Song

Alma Mater & Fight Song

The Alma Mater (Music: Peter Winkler; Lyrics: Winston Clark)
Stony Brook's Alma Mater, Sandy Shore, was adopted in 1985 after a composition contest. Dr. Peter Winkler, a professor in the Department of Music, in conjunction with lyricist Winston Clark, wrote the winning submission. Carol Marburger, wife of former University President John Marburger, is credited as the guiding spirit behind the song.

The band plays the Alma Mater at the conclusion of all football games as the team stand and salutes the band from the field.

Sandy shore
Meeting the Northern sea
Ancient ground where newborn dreams arise
Scarlet, gray
Under azure skies
The morning of a lifetime lies in Stony Brook
Raise a grateful cheer for Stony Brook!
Youthful joys
Youthful folly, too
Ancient wisdom seen through youthful eyes
Lifelong friends
Bound by youthful ties
The morning of a lifetime lies in Stony Brook
Raise a grateful cheer for Stony Brook!

Fight Song (Music: Perry Goldstein; Lyrics: Howard Gimpel)
The Fight Song was written by Perry Gosldstein and Howard Gimpel in commemoration of the band's inaugural season.
We're the red-hot Seawolves of SBU,
We never stop fighting until the battle's through.
Let's go Stony Brook,
Let's go team,
Don't let go until you hear them scream:
Seawolves Rock,
Seawolves Rule!
Let's go Stony Brook the number one school.

Go, Fight, Win (Music & Lyrics: John Leddy)
Go, Fight, Win is traditionally played as the band takes the field for the pregame show at football games, following scoring drives by the team, and during breaks in the action at basketball games. It involves the band and crowd chant "Go, Fight, Win" urging the team to victory.