12/17/07 - Tip of the Week

Happy Holidays....Happy Holidays....Happy Holidays....

It is that time of the year (as evidenced by the white stuff outside), where gifts are exchanged, cards are sent and people are in the giving spirit. That is, except for the compliance office who has to play the part of Scrooge this Holiday Season (who better, right?).

As most of you know, NCAA regulations do not permit coaches and/or staff to provide gifts, even nominal ones, to our student-athletes in celebration of this time of the year. This includes coaches participating in any kind of gift exchange (i.e. Secret Santa) with their student-athletes. However, coaches and/or staff are permitted to host an occasional meal to celebrate this time of the year, as long as that meal is considered occasional and you have received approval of such a meal through this office and your sport supervisor.

As a simple reminder, holiday greeting cards (i.e. Hallmark) are not permitted to be sent to prospects, even those that have signed a NLI. However, institutional note cards can be sent to prospects as you normally would send them. Please note that with the change in the notecard legislation, the Stony Brook Holiday cards cannot be sent to prospects as they have pre-printed information on the inside of the cards, and as you know, makes these cards impermissible to send to prospects.

I hope everyone has a JOYOUS HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!