**Awards may not be purchased until all steps below have been completed**

    1. SBU Staff member researches possible award purchase for members of team or general student-athlete population;
    2. SBU Staff member bids out prices for particular award (in accordance with NYS Procurement guidelines please see the Business Office if you have questions on NYS Procurement guidelines), if necessary, to secure final cost;
    3. After decision is made as to what award will be purchased, SBU Staff member completes the Student-Athlete Award Purchase Approval indicating who will be receiving award, how many awards will be purchased and cost of awards. Each award must fit into appropriate category and limitations per NCAA Bylaw 16.1.4 (See Figures 16-1, 16-2 and 16-3, which are included on 2nd page of form);
    4. Once completed, SBU Staff member must sign and submit to Compliance Office for approval. If coach is requesting purchase, coach must get approval of sport administrator, who will then forward to Compliance Office for approval and monitoring of NCAA guidelines (Please attach information relating to award design, cost estimate, etc.);
    5. Once reviewed and approved by Compliance Office, compliance will forward to Athletic Business Office for Purchase Approval. Once reviewed by Business Office, Business Office will forward completed request to Compliance Office;
    6. Compliance office will notify coach/staff member that purchase of awards has been approved. Student-Athlete Purchase Approval will be filed in Compliance Office.


16.1.4 Types of Awards, Awarding Agencies, Maximum Value and Numbers of Awards

Athletics awards given to individual student-athletes shall be limited to those approved or administered by the member institution, its conference or an approved agency as specified in the following subsections and shall be limited in value and number as specified in this section. Awards received for intercollegiate athletics participation may not be sold, exchanged or assigned for another item of value, even if the student-athlete's name or picture does not appear on the award. Each of the following subsections is independent of the others so that it is permissible for an individual student-athlete to receive the awards described in all subsections. (Revised: 9/12/03)

Awarding of Game Balls

Date Issued: Nov 27, 1996
Type: Staff Interpretation
Item Ref: a


a. Awarding of Game Balls: The legislative services staff confirmed that it is not permissible to award game balls to student-athletes for specialized performances in particular contests or events or during a limited time period (e.g., "player of the game" or "player of the week"); however, an institution may provide a game ball to a student-athlete only on an occasional basis to recognize an extraordinary achievement (e.g., career achievement, establishing an institutional record). [Reference: (specialized performance in single contest or during limited time period)] Participation Awards

Awards for participation in intercollegiate athletics may be presented each year, limited in value and number as specified in Figure 16-1. Awards for participation in special events may be provided only to student-athletes eligible to participate in the competition. (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

Permissible Timing for Providing Annual Participation Awards (I)

Date Issued: Feb 16, 2000
Type: Official
Item Ref: 2


Permissible Timing for Providing Annual Participation Awards. (I) It is not permissible for an institution to provide an annual participation award (e.g., winter coats, travel blazers) to a student-athlete in a particular sport prior to the conclusion of the institution's regular playing season in that sport. [References: Bylaw (annual participation awards) and Official interpretation 01/22/87, Item No. 4] Assignment of Normal-Retail Value.

Normal-retail value shall be assigned as the value of an award when determining whether an award meets specified value limits, even when a member institution receives institutional awards from an athletics representative or organization free of charge or at a special reduced rate. Normal-retail value is the cost to the institution that is based solely on volume and is available to all purchasers of a similar volume and that does not involve an obligation to make additional purchases to enable the supplier to recover the costs for the original purchase. (Adopted: 1/16/93) Supplementary-Purchase Arrangement.

An institution may not enter into a supplementary-purchase arrangement with an awards supplier whereby the supplier agrees to sell an award (e.g., a watch or ring) at a price below the maximum amount specified by NCAA legislation with the understanding that the institution will make additional purchases of other unrelated items to enable the supplier to recover the costs for the original purchase. Such an arrangement would exceed the specific-value limitations placed on permissible awards. Combining Values.

An institution may not combine the value limits of awards given in a sport during the same season, or given to athletes who participate in more than one sport, to provide an award more expensive than permissible under separate application to some or all of its participating student-athletes. Student-Athlete Contribution to Purchase.

The value of an award may not exceed specified value limits, and a student-athlete may not contribute to its purchase in order to meet those limits.