10/15/07 - Tip of the Week - Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation

G'day Seawolf Nation:

I hope you're happy to see the return of the Tip of the Week after a couple of week's hiatus - had some things to do - like pay Janice enough money for her recent compliment of my sometimes weekly column - we finally negotiated a price we could both live with. For those that didn't get Janice's e-mail - her quote is below:

"I have to admit I so enjoy Heaths emails, especially his opening lines......so with that said, its that time of year again were we "fall" back, as the cold is beginning to set in ( I just found out its Heath's favorite season, my least favorite, bring on SUMMER)"

Now to the part that Janice doesn't enjoy so much. This week's Tip is just a general reminder if you are recruiting transfer students - either 4 year transfers or 2 year transfers or the occasional 4-2-4 transfer. It is of the utmost importance to acquire as much information as possible on these particular recruits so that we can have as clear a picture as possible when it comes to evaluating their eligibility status. We have had a couple of cases this year where we did do an evaluation, but we did the evaluation without having the complete information, and it either changed the eligibility status completely or changed the number of years of eligibility a prospect has.

When submitting information for a preliminary transfer credit evaluation, it is important to collect all of the necessary documents - mainly all of the transcripts from every school that the prospect has attended. By having the complete information, it helps all of those involved in completing the preliminary transfer credit evaluation give a clearer picture as to what requirement that prospect must complete to be eligible once they arrive at Stony Brook.

Below is the process we have in regards to completing the Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluations. For the most part, if we have the complete information, we can turn these evaluations around in 3 or 4 days. Also attached is the Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation form we use to start the process - you can also find this form online.

Please review the process below and let me know if you have any questions.



Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation Report 

1. Coach submits Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation Report (for all transfers - attachment) and a copy of prospects up-to-date transcript(s) to Compliance/Recruiting;
2. Compliance/Recruiting reviews file to ensure completeness and submits to Admissions mailbox in athletic department mailroom. Admissions checks athletic department mailroom on Wednesdays and Fridays each week;
3. Admissions reviews and evaluates admissibility and submits Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation Report and copy of prospects up-to-date transcript to Registrarís Office;
4. Registrarís Office liaison evaluates transcripts and completes the appropriate information on the Preliminary Transfer Eligibility Evaluation Report and a degree template, signs and forwards entire packet to Compliance Office;
5. Compliance evaluates eligibility based on number of terms, hours accepted for degree credit and whether the PSA satisfies the appropriate transfer eligibility requirements with consultation from Academic Advising, if needed.
6. Compliance Office notes requirements, signs and forwards copies of completed Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation Report to Head Coach and Academic Advising;