09/25/07 - Tip of the Week - Occasional Meals

Howdy Seawolves -

This weeks Tip centers on the vague NCAA legislation of occasional meals (we've already had some coaches go through this process). As I have discussed this topic with several compliance folks across the country over the last few years, I decided to institute a policy and pre-approval process prior to any student-athlete participating in an occasional meal, whether that meal is provided by the coaches, staff, boosters, parents, etc. For some clarification, occasional to me is around 2 - 3 meals each semester. Any more meals than that and I get a little uncomfortable, although I can be flexible depending on the occasion or situation.

As with most things compliance, this allows us to track and document these types of meals and benefits. Having this kind of information on file will be beneficial for any future NCAA Certification or Compliance Reviews by the conference office.

Below, I have included legislation and interps regarding occasional meals. I have also included the policy and approval form for getting such meals approved. Please review this information and let me know of any questions or concerns.



Occasional Team Meal - Prior Approval Form 

1. All occasional meals, including those provided by representatives of athletics interests and parents of student-athletes, must receive prior, written approval from Sport Supervisor and Compliance Office;
2. Occasional meals will be limited to two or three times per term;
3. To receive prior approval, coach, staff member, representative of athletics interests and/or parents of student-athletes must complete the Occasional Meal Prior Approval Form at least 72 hours prior to the meal;
4. Party providing the meal must sign statement that they understand NCAA regulations regarding the occasional meal legislation;
5. Sport Supervisor then must approve meal and submit prior approval form to Compliance Office for final approval;
6. Compliance Office reviews information, checks file to ensure “occasional” nature of the meal, and notifies provider of meal and head coach whether the meal has been approved or not;
7. Compliance Office files form for future monitoring purposes. Occasional Meals.

A student-athlete or the entire team in a sport may receive an occasional meal in the locale of the institution on infrequent and special occasions from an institutional staff member. An institutional staff member may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend such meals. A student-athlete may receive an occasional family home meal from a representative of athletics interests on infrequent and special occasions under the following conditions: (Revised: 1/10/92, 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

(a) The meal must be provided in an individual's home (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered; and (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

(b) A representative of the institution's athletics interest may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend the meal function only if the meal function is at the home of that representative. (Revised: 4/25/02 effective 8/1/02)

Prospective student-athlete and student-athletes entertained at staff member's home

Date Issued: Apr 10, 1991
Type: Staff Interpretation
Item Ref: b

b.Prospective Student-Athlete and Student-Athletes Entertained at

Staff Member's Home: Reviewed Bylaws (entertainment at staff member's home) and (occasional meals) and 90/11/29 Interpretations Committee minutes, Item No. 7, in regard to a situation in which a prospective student-athlete receives a meal at the home of an institutional staff member at the time that student-athletes are receiving an occasional home meal; determined that such an arrangement would be permissible. Miscellaneous Benefits.

An institution may provide or arrange for the following benefits for a student-athlete: (Adopted: 4/26/01)
(d) Occasional meals to team members provided by the parent of a student-athlete at any location;