6/13/08 - Tip of the Week - Recruiting Coaches At Any One Time (

Happy Friday Seawolves -

I know, I know, I indicated in the last Tip of the Week that it was my last of the academic year.

Well, a good recruiting question was asked, and with the summer period being a very busy recruiting period for most, I thought I'd send out a reminder about some recruiting legislation as it refers to the number of recruiters out on the road "at any one time".

As you may know, the NCAA got rid of the former baton rule about 3 years ago. Coaches can now head out on the recruiting trail before another coach gets back to campus, providing additional flexibility. However, that coach being replaced may not engage in additional recruiting activities until that coach returns to campus. Once that coach does return to campus, that coach can now go back out on road for recruiting purposes, provided that sport is within the permissible limitations per NCAA Bylaw 11.7.4.

Please review the information below and let me know of any questions or concerns.

Heath Off-Campus Recruiting -- At Any One Time.

It is permissible for a coach to leave campus to engage in off-campus contact or evaluation before another coach who is off campus actually returns to campus, provided the total number of coaches recruiting on behalf of the institution at any time do not exceed the permissible number. The coach being replaced must complete his or her recruiting activities before another coach may begin any off-campus recruiting activity. Further, the replaced coach may not engage in additional recruiting activities until after he or she has returned to the institution's campus. (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 12/13/05)