3/06/08 - Tip of the Week

Good Day Seawolf Nation...

As the weather is what it is today, and the fact that many spring seasons just started, one (or many more than one I would imagine), might question why the compliance office is sending out information related to summer practice at this time. I do have a reason I am doing this, but it may not be a good one. The reason is the fact that this video was just released by the NCAA and that I want to get this information to you now rather than me forgetting about it later is all I can stand on at this point.

With that, this video is approximately 7 minutes long and touches on many different topics in regards to the voluntary nature of summer workouts. It also discusses the specific basketball and football legislation, as well as the differences that apply to individual sports and the use of the safety exception.

I urge you to review this video from the NCAA - it does have some very good information.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.