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Athletic Performance

The Stony Brook University Athletic Performance Program strives to offer our student athletes the best the field of Strength and Conditioning has to offer by reaching the following goals:

1. Treat each athlete with dignity and respect.

2. Create an environment for success by offering honest evaluations and positive reinforcement.

3. Design programs that first do no harm and second maximize performance potential.

4. Give each athlete every opportunity to better themselves physically and mentally.

5. Offer the latest proven effective exercises.

6. Help all athletes realize their full mental and physical potential.

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Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center

Stony Brook student-athletes train in the state-of-the-art Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center, an 8,000 square foot Athletic Performance facility that includes over 37,000 pounds of cutting edge equipment, a visual system for filming and training and a designated plyometric area for speed and sprint work.


In Depth in Dubin