The Intercollegiate Athletics Program will provide young men and women unique opportunities for learning not found in the other academic environments of the University. The Intercollegiate Athletics Program embraces the NCAA's principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct, and in so doing provides the Student-Athletes who are a part of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program with opportunities to develop positive character and leadership qualities through competitive sport participation and community service.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Program is committed to achieving academic and athletic excellence and to promoting the general welfare of its Student-Athletes. In achieving these goals, the Intercollegiate Athletics Program conforms to the letter and spirit of all rules and regulations of the University and of all of the athletic bodies of which the Program is privileged to be a member.

Through its various activities the Intercollegiate Athletic Program offers broad opportunities in an environment that is free of all bias; the Program supports equitable opportunities for all students and staff, including women and minorities. The diversity of offerings and of participants plays an important role in improving campus life for students, faculty, staff, and the regional community.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Program is committed to making its programs an enduring source of pride for participants, alumni, the University, and for the broader communities of which the Program is a part.