Mission of Stony Brook Athletics

  • Provide student-athletes with transformative life experiences that complement their academic pursuits and prepare them for success in every aspect of their lives;
  • Maximize competitive success in all sports and contend for conference championships and NCAA postseason appearances;
  • Adhere to the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship and respect on and off of the field;
  • Cultivate an inclusive and innovative environment where diversity is essential to growth;
  • Embrace our unique role as brand ambassadors for Stony Brook and build relationships on behalf of the university on a local, regional, national and global level.

Stony Brook University is an extraordinary place with an extraordinary vision to lead change at home and around the world through a commitment to excellence in research, education and discovery. What began in 1957 as a teachers college is now an engine of economic development and a research hub where talented students are challenged each day by world-class faculty to transform the world around them. Our goal is to become one of the nation's top 20 public research universities in the United States. Stony Brook has emerged as a global center of influence with facilities that extend from Manhattan to Madagascar as well as South Korea and Kenya. At home on Long Island, Stony Brook plays a critical role as the region's largest single-site employer with an economic impact of $5 billion.

As one of 62 members of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), Stony Brook is in elite company and is recognized as one of the leading public universities in North America. The common thread among our AAU public peer institutions is a strong culture where world-class academics and research successfully co-exist with strong intercollegiate athletics. Stony Brook has earned its place among the nation's most prominent academic institutions, and now the work must be done to bring our athletic programs to the same prestigious level. Our time to emerge as a premier university with a premier intercollegiate athletics program is now.

The role of intercollegiate athletics at Stony Brook is vital as the university continues to make a positive impact on people's lives throughout our region, our state, our country and the world. Stony Brook Athletics supports the fundamental belief that students possess the ability to change the world, and that it is our responsibility to partner with campus leadership and faculty to support our student-athletes in pursuit of their dreams. The power of intercollegiate athletics is significant in that its reach extends deep within the hearts and minds of those who are connected to Stony Brook. It also provides a unique pathway for the university to spread its message to a much broader audience. Athletics is the most visible marketing arm of Stony Brook and it has the power to bring the community together in ways that are unmatched by other programs

Athletics presents an opportunity for individuals to be a part of something greater than themselves. Student-athletes come to our campus from all over the world in search of an opportunity to learn and grow both individually and collectively. They represent different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. While each student-athlete possesses a unique set of gifts, Stony Brook provides an innovative environment where those gifts can be nurtured in an impactful and meaningful way.

Since making the transition to Division I for the 1999-2000 academic year, Stony Brook Athletics has grown in size and scope while providing a tangible source of pride for the students, alumni and campus community. While the program has enjoyed varying degrees of competitive success during that time, it is imperative that Athletics features a viable business model that positions the program for an even higher level of sustainable success.

In 2012, Stony Brook commissioned Carr Sports Consulting to analyze the infrastructure of the athletic department. The results of the study revealed that Stony Brook Athletics was positioned for future success but recommended that the athletic department develop a comprehensive strategic plan which would capitalize on the existing foundation while outlining a substantial plan for long term success.

A Transformative Vision for Stony Brook Athletics has been developed to present the department's road map for the next five years and highlights avenues for growth as well as critical areas for investment. In order to enhance the university's goal of becoming a top 20 public research institution, Athletics must be a prominent leader that is capable of enhancing Stony Brook's institutional profile on a local, regional, national and global level. This can best be attained through a program that not only achieves competitive success at the highest level but also holds itself accountable to the highest standards of integrity and academic achievement.

Stony Brook Athletics will align itself with the university's strategic vision and mission with the intention of collectively maximizing our potential. The core elements of the Project 50 Forward initiative, Operational Excellence, Academic Excellence and Building for the Future, have also been integrated into the vision for Athletics.

A Transformative Vision for Stony Brook Athletics will guide the future of the program as Stony Brook aspires to achieve the highest levels of success in all facets of its commitment to transform the life of each student-athlete. A significant financial investment will be required in order to implement the entirety of the plan. Stony Brook Athletics recognizes that fiscal responsibility is paramount and will therefore seek to grow its operating budget without detracting from the academic needs of our campus.

As our department embarks upon the next five years, we must recognize that there are no limits except for those that we place upon ourselves. The future of Stony Brook Athletics is in our hands, and the horizon ahead for the Seawolves is boundless.

This is our time to step boldly into the future. Our student-athletes and our university deserve nothing less.

Transformational Elements
The following eight transformational elements will guide the future of Stony Brook Athletics and provide the foundation upon which a structure of sustainable success can be built. Each element contains specific goals and objectives that will be driven by our vision to positively transform the life of each student-athlete. The eight transformational elements are:

1. Transforming the Student-Athlete Experience

2. Competing for Championships and National Prominence

3. Developing a Culture of Philanthropy and Financial Support

4. Amplifying the Stony Brook Brand

5. Celebrating Diversity and Gender Equity

6. Building First Class Facilities

7. Maintaining Internal Integrity

8. Magnifying the Significance of Football

Within each element is a set of aspirations and corresponding action items. Although prioritization will occur within each of the transformational elements, Stony Brook Athletics will work toward the goal of accomplishing all of them by 2020. The end result will be a complete transformation of the athletic department at Stony Brook, which will ultimately benefit the university in a profoundly positive manner by raising the institutional profile to new heights.