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Endowments are often referred to as the "gifts that keep on giving." Endowments are perpetual and give donors the opportunity to support multiple generations of students and faculty, thereby making a lasting impact on Stony Brook University.

Endowments provide a permanent source of income whose invested interest is used to fund and support the mission of Stony Brook University Department of Athletics. Donors who provide a gift to fund an endowment become permanently linked with the Stony Brook Intercollegiate Athletic program and help support multiple generations of student-athletes.

Endowments are permanently invested by the Stony Brook Foundation, and a portion of the income generated by that investment is used for the purpose designated by the donor(s), such as athletic scholarships, supplemental salary support for coaches & administrators, specific programs, discretionary use, or other purposes. Another portion of the income is reinvested each year, enabling the endowment principal to grow, maintain its "spending power" against inflation, and provide a permanent stream of income over time. The principal is never spent and remains intact.

For those endowments that have a designated purpose, a committee will review annually and ensure that the donor intent is being upheld and properly recognized. If you are interested in more information regarding endowments, please contact the Office of External Services at 631-632-6312.

Stony Brook Athletics Endowed Scholarships

2013-14 Recipient
Shayla Giosia, Softball

Joel Mitofsky Memorial Fund
To provide athletic scholarships to Stony Brook student-athletes.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Taryn Schoenbeck, Women's Soccer
2011-12: Jackie Gentile, Women's Lacrosse
2010-11: Samantha Djaha, Women's Lacrosse
2009-10: Jordan McBride, Men's Lacrosse   

2013-14 Recipient
Lisa Seyton, Women's Tennis

Elizabeth Desch Athletic Scholarship
To be awarded to a Stony Brook female student-athlete. Donated by Nancy Williamson.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Olivia Burne, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
2011-12: Greta Strenger, Volleyball
2010-11: Holly Van Dalen, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
2009-10: Alyssa Struzenberg, Softball  

2013-14 Recipient
Kim Hanlon, Women's Basketball

Wachter Family Athletic Scholarship
To provide scholarships for Stony Brook female student-athletes, specifically for members of the women's basketball team. Donated by Pat Wachter. 

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Dani Klupenger, Women's Basketball
2011-12: Samantha Landers, Women's Basketball
2010-11: Samantha Landers, Women's Basketball
2009-10: Tamiel Murray, Women's Basketball 

2013-14 Recipient
Allison Zelnick,
Women's Swimming & Diving/Volleyball

Charles Gordon Heuser Memorial Scholarship
Designed to serve as a lasting tribute to Charles Gordon Heuser. Donated by David and Denise Logan-Heuser, Family and Friends. 

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Polina Movchan, Women's Tennis
2011-12: Taylor Crosby & Allison Zelnick, Women's Swimming & Diving
2010-11: Sean Clarke & Anastasia Kiryushkina, Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
2009-10: Nathan Fleshman & Rebecca Sayles, Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving 

2013-14 Recipient
Dave Coley, Men's Basketball

William J. Burke Scholarship Endowment
To assist Stony Brook University in the recruitment of undergraduate student-athletes for the men's basketball team. Recipient must be a member of men's basketball team. Donated by James Burke.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Leonard Hayes, Men's Basketball
2011-12: Leonard Hayes, Men's Basketball
2010-11: Chris Martin, Men's Basketball
2009-10: Bryan Dougher, Men's Basketball

2013-14 Recipient
Dimitry Russ, Football

Deputy Chief Raymond M. Downey Scholarship
To provide financial assistance for the recruitment of student-athletes for the football team. Donated by The Downey Family and Friends.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Dimitry Russ, Football
2011-12: Dimitry Russ, Football
2010-11: Stephen Schwicke, Football
2009-10: Stephen Schwicke, Football  

2013-14 Recipient
Tyler Hoffman, Men's Tennis

Jonathan S. Ryan Scholarship
Scholarship to be given to a family member of a victim (brother, sister, son daughter or descendents) of the September 11th tragedy with preference towards a member of the men's/women's lacrosse teams, but open to any student-athlete. If no recipient is found, can be given at athletics department's discretion. Donated by the Ryan Family and Friends.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Claire Petersen, Women's Lacrosse
2011-12: Robbie Campbell, Men's Lacrosse
2010-11: Kevin Crowley, Men's Lacrosse
2009-10: Tom Compitello, Men's Lacrosse  

2013-14 Recipients
Larissa Nysch, Women's Soccer
Davonte Anderson, Football 

Joel Strum Kenny Athletic Scholarships
To provide funds for athletic scholarships.  

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Allison Cukrov, Softball & Michael Bamiro, Football
2011-12: Bernadette Tenuto, Softball & Miguel Maysonet, Football
2010-11: Jeanette Gibbs, Volleyball & Nicholas Tropeano, Baseball
2009-10: Deborah Aller, Women's Soccer & Ivan Rummel, Men's Tennis

2013-14 Recipient
Ahmad Walker, Men's Basketball

Jack Foley Scholarship
Annual scholarship to be given to a men's or women's basketball player from Suffolk County. Donated by Michael Foley.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Melissa Rigo, Volleyball
2011-12: Kyle Moeller, Men's Lacrosse
2010-11: Taylor Burner, Women's Basketball
2009-10: Taylor Burner, Women's Basketball 

2013-14 Recipient
Eric Speakman,
Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Howard R. Zern Track & Field Endowed Scholarship
To recognize annually track and field athletes with the highest cumulative GPA on the combined men's and women's teams who also are enrolled in the college of arts and sciences and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Donated by Hilary and Howard Zern.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Kristal Conklin, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
2011-12: Hayley Green, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
2010-11: Hayley Green, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
2009-10: Hayley Green, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field 

2013-14 Recipient
Eric McAlister, Men's Basketball

Eppenstein Family Scholarship
To provide scholarship support to a men's basketball student-athlete. Donated by Ted and Madelaine Eppenstein. 

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Ron Bracey, Men's Basketball
2011-12: Danny Carter, Men's Basketball
2010-11: Tommy Brenton, Men's Basketball
2009-10: Tommy Brenton, Men's Basketball 

2013-14 Recipient
Teasha Harris, Women's Basketball

Alan Koch Family Basketball Scholarship Endowment
Provides annual scholarship support to a member of the men's and/or women's basketball teams. Donated by Alan and Carol Koch.

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Carson Puriefoy, Men's Basketball & Brittany Snow, Women's Basketball 

2013-14 Recipient
Mike Andreassi, Men's Lacrosse

Ronald LaValle Memorial Scholarship
Created to honor the memory of Ronald LaValle.

Previous Recipients: 
2012-13: Savaughn Greene, Men's Lacrosse
2011-12: Jared LeVerne, Men's Lacrosse 

2013-14 Recipient
Alejandro Fritz, Men's Soccer

Das Family Men's Soccer Scholarship
To provide scholarship support to a member of the men's soccer team. Donated by Kaushik Das and Family. 

Previous Recipients:
2012-13: Alejandro Fritz, Men's Soccer 

2013-14 Recipient
Josh Mason, Baseball

Middleton Family Student-Athlete Alumni Award
To provide scholarship support to a current Stony Brook student-athlete. Donated by Scott Middleton and Family.

Previous Recipients: 
2012-13: Brandon McNitt, Baseball