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Priority Points were started during the 1997-98 academic year for allocation of football, lacrosse and men's and women's basketball season tickets. The philosophy behind the priority point system is to reward loyal fans that have supported Stony Brook Athletics. All Seawolves Club donors, volunteers and season ticket holders have accounts with points that accrue annually. The higher the point total, the better the opportunity to purchase tickets and received desired seat locations.

Points can be accumulated through the following avenues:

1. Purchasing season tickets for football, lacrosse or men's and women's basketball
 • Football and Lacrosse - 1 point per ticket purchased
 • Men's or women's basketball
a) VIP seats - 3 points per ticket purchased
b) Red chairback seats - 2 points per ticket purchased
c) Bleacher seats - 1 point per ticket purchased
 • Men's and women's basketball combination season tickets
a) VIP seats - 6 points per ticket purchased
b) Red chairback seats - 4 points per ticket purchased
c) Bleacher seats - 2 points per ticket purchased
 • Continued season ticket purchasing
a) 2-5 years of consecutive season ticket purchasing - 2 points per year
b) 6-10 years of consecutive season ticket purchasing - 3 points per year
c) 11-15 years of consecutive season ticket purchasing - 4 points per year
d) 16-20 years of consecutive season ticket purchasing - 5 points per year

2. Donating to the Seawolves Club
a) 1 point per each $100 donated
b) 3 bonus points for donating $1,000 or more to the University's general athletic scholarship fund. This excludes gifts designated to endowments.
c) 5 points awarded for each year of consecutive giving.

3. Volunteering for the P.A.W.S. Campaign earns five points per year, as long as volunteers meet criteria.

4. Volunteers earn 1 point for every $500 raised per year.

5. Supporters who introduce new corporate partners will receive 1 point for every $1,000 of a corporate sponsor agreement for the first year of the agreement.

Priority Points include the following conditions:
 • Priority point levels will be established based upon the list of point holders, with those with higher point totals gaining preference over those with lower point totals.
 • Points for donations are based only on money received, not on pledges.
 • A gift to the Seawolves Club each year constitutes consecutive giving. If a donor fails to make a gift during one fiscal year, they are no longer awarded consecutive giving points, regardless of future giving.
 • Points are cumulative and are awarded in whole numbers only. No half points will be awarded. Points are never lost/removed/deducted from a holder's account.
 • Purchase of season tickets is based upon availability. The ability to purchase season tickets is not guaranteed.
 • Criteria for volunteers of P.A.W.S. Campaign are set each year. Please consult with the current P.A.W.S. Campaign volunteer criteria.
 • All season ticket seat assignments will be determined by the priority point system. All season tickets holders should be aware that the reassignment of seat location will take place annually in both the Indoor Sports Complex and the Stadium. Seat location and availability is based upon attrition and annual season ticket renewals.
 • Patrons who wish to sit together in a group will be seated according to the lowest priority point total of any member of the group.
 • Priority points can only be transferred one time to a living spouse upon death of the primary point holder.
 • The basis for the point system may be changed at any time and changes will take effect for one fiscal year (July1-June 30).
 • The priority points guidelines were last amended 12-11-01.